South Korea

South Korea, an East Asian nation on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, shares one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders with Northern Korea. It’s equally known for its green; hilly country side dotted with cherry trees and centuries- Old Buddhist temples, plus its coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and high-tech cities such as Seoul, the capital. It is the nation with biggest tech giants like Samsung. Studying abroad is a great experience, especially if you’re interested in a foreign culture and language. And South Korea is an awesome destination for anyone looking to expand their horizons. Studying in South Korea opens the doors for you. It’s opportunity to pursue higher education in the nation with leading economy. Students are attracting more towards South Korea because of high-quality education in South Korea. There are thousands of courses, over with 105,000 of a student who is getting high-quality education.

South Korea is, in many ways, similar to other destinations around Asia; it features advanced, modern cities and large populations that are always on the go. It is highly influenced by American culture but still, manages to hold onto its proud history and culture. A study in South Korea is a once in a life time opportunity, whether exploring South Korea’s large and bustling capital city, Seoul, students are also likely to enjoy South Korea’s rich and dynamic culture.

With one of the most advanced economies on the Asian continent and a national culture. South Korea is a continuously rising country in the global arena. Making the decision to study abroad in South Korea will a be a beginning of a grand world adventure in which you explore a language, culture, and history that has ruled for thousands of years, and continues to innovate at the head of the curve.

One of the first things you’ll need to do after deciding to study abroad in Korea is to obtain a Korean student visa. Use this article as a guide to help you through the application process. The first thing you will need in order to apply for a Korean student visa is to be accepted into a regular educational program as a regular student or as a language student. You will then need to submit the necessary documents along with your proof of acceptance. Because periods of stay vary depending on the program, you will need to check related regulations concerning each one.

Stats About South Korea

  • Capital City: Seoul
  • Area: 100,210 km²
  • Country Code: +82
  • Language: Korean
  • Money: South Korea Won
  • Population: 51.78 million