• Detailed assistance on admission procedures and visa guidance for students and professionals to study, work and migrate.
  • Official representative of many of the universities, government and private institutions in South Korea, Australia, USA,United Kingdom, ….many more.
  • Immigration visa processing through registered and authorized lawyers.
  • Facilitation of travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Dedicated customer service department for quality assurance.

A-Priori offers you:

  • The opportunity to consider a wide range of study opportunities in different overseas destinations.
  • A clear view on the suitability of a particular program based upon your own specific needs and talents, helping to maximize your course satisfaction.
  • Access to a wide variety of excellent universities and reputed institutes.
  • Considerable reduction in your communication costs in the application process.
  • All genuine information about applying for a visa.
  • Assistance in arranging travel and suitable accommodation.
  • 100% transparency at every step of processing.
  • Development and soft skill training, free of cost.
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